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Let's work together
and keep Frankfort:

Finances Solid
Future Secure

"Frankfort is a thriving community and it is rapidly growing.  One of the most important things we can do to ensure the continued success of our town is to put the right people in office positions.  I believe that my experience, knowledge and passion will complement our resident's intrinsic interests for Frankfort."
How do we keep Frankfort safe, financially solid and it's future secure?
Frankfort will remain a community we can be proud of if​ the town's mutual goal is providing a resilient and sustainable infrastructure.
Secure Schools

The caliber of school districts in Frankfort is something we can all be proud of.  In fact, it is one of the top 5 reasons people move where they do.

We've done a great job creating safe and supportive environments for our kids.  But, we must not rest in the comfortableness.  In order to keep our schools as safe, secure, and as supportive as possible we need to continue to:
- equip our staff and students with proper knowledge, support, protocols, supplies, and funds

- ensure that seamless and timely communication with parents, staff, and law enforcement is top priority

- give families the opportunity and encouragement to get involved.

- evaluate and enforce behavior standards

- prioritize digital responsibility and safety   

Safe Streets

Frankfort has been voted one of the top 12 safest communities in Illinois.  Local law enforcement participation and presence are key to that safety and low crime rate.  Similar to school safety, the safety of our town must stay top of mind and it is important to continuously improve policies, partnerships, and action plans all of which should

be measurable in their success.  We should keep adjusting or

perfecting plans that not only address the symptoms of crime but the causes of crime and victimization as well. Community education also plays an important role.  By creating an environment of open communication and mutual responsibility the community serves as a second line of defense against crime. This is especially true when key partners like community organizations, local media, agencies, nonprofit groups, etc. are identified and mobilized.  

Sound Fiscal Policy

The only way we can be sure to be financially sound and responsible as a village is to elect a diverse group of candidates.  This ensures the benefit of different views and beliefs.  When it comes to community spending, it is important to lay the foundation for future Frankfort.  By making smart decisions with the long term health of our town in mind we are setting our residents up with a strong economy and flourishing town for generations to come. Often it is short sightedness or underlying political agenda that causes the biggest mistakes of local government.  Transparency should be the only option regardless of personal opinion.   

Strong Support for Local Businesses 

Our small businesses and restaurants are the backbone of our community.  They are what create Frankfort's vibrancy and appeal to residents and visitors alike.  Most owners have a vested interest in the future of our town.  They live here, work here, and their kids go to school here.  Beyond the obvious tax benefit of a large downtown area, small businesses create jobs, donate to our local charities, and showcase the culture of our community.  

We need to make sure entrepreneurs have:

- comprehensive and reasonable codes

- strong community mentors

- well thought out and strategic growth around them

- a clean and safe environment

- a commitment to diversity

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